Flight Scholarships for AVIATRIXES

Awards restricted to female applicants given by The Ninety-Nines, Inc, chapters of The Ninety-Nines ("99s") or other organizations


  • Each scholarship has its own application deadline

  • Amounts may vary from year to year

  • Some awards may not be given every year

  • Contact the awarding organization for an application or additional information


AEMSF Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Ninety-Nines Inc. Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship helps certificated pilot members with scholarships for

  • Flight training advancement and completion of additional pilot certificates or ratings by funding the entire rating or certificate
  • Up to $10,000 per school year in an academic scholarship
  • Research scholar grants
  • Vicki Cruse Emergency Maneuver Training scholarship
  • Jet Type Ratings

Applicants must be a member of The Ninety-Nines for at least one year prior to the annual Jan 1st application deadline.
Info - https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarships.htm

AEMSF Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund "Fly Now" Student Pilot Award

The Ninety-Nines Inc. Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund helps student pilot members of The Ninety-Nines achieve their recreational, sport, or private pilot certificate with the "Fly Now" scholarship. The Fly Now is a progressive milestone scholarship of up to $6,000 depending on what the applicant has achieved at they are selected as a recipient.The milestone payback values are:

  • Passing the FAA or equivalent written knowledge exam: $500
  • First solo - $2500
  • Long solo cross-country flight - $2000
  • Receiving FAA or equivalent flight certificate - $1000

For more info - https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarships.htm

Alaska & Mat-Su Chapter 99s
The Alaska and Mat-Su Chapters of the 99's are offering a $1,000 and an $1,800 scholarship. Applicants must have soloed and be 16 or older. Award to be used towards the Private Pilot or an Advanced rating or certificate.Deadline March 31st. For more information visit - http://www.ak99s.org/scholarships.htm

Appalachian Aviatrixes Chapter 99s Student Pilot Scholarship
The Appalachian Aviatrixes are offering a scholarship in the amount of $1000 to a student pilot to be used toward her private pilot certificate. Applicants must submit (1) copy of the results of their written test (2) recommendation from flight instructor (3) essay to include personal need for a scholarship (4) a statement from the application detailing their participation in the 99s. (5) Applicants must live in Eastern Tennessee, Southern Virginia, Eastern Kentucky or Western North Carolina. Due April 2nd https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarship-registry.htm

Appalachian Aviatrixes Chapter 99s Advanced Scholarship

The Appalachian Aviatrixes are offering a scholarship in the amount of $1000 to a pilot to be used toward an advanced rating pilot certificate. Applicants must submit (1) copy of the results of their written test if applicable (2) evidence of completion of solo flight (3) essay to include personal need for a scholarship (4) a statement from the application detailing their participation in the 99s. (5) Applicants must live in Eastern Tennessee, Southern Virginia, Eastern Kentucky or Western North Carolina. Due April 2nd. https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarship-registry.htm

Antelope Valley Chapter 99s Scholarships (Lancaster, CA area)
The chapter offers a scholarship of $2,000 for CFI, CFII, or CFIG certification. Funds are disbursed incrementally upon completion of various “milestones” in training, such as passing the written exam, long cross country, etc.  Open to licensed female pilots at least 17 years of age who live in, work in, or fly from an airport in the region served by the Antelope Valley Ninety-Nines. They also have a Future Woman Pilot program that provides up to $750 to each Student Pilot member accepted into their program towards training. For information on the Antelope Valley awards visit their website at http://antelopevalley99s.wixsite.com/av99s

Austin Hill Country Chapter 99s
The Austin Hill 99s are offering two scholarships: $1,000 for initial Private training and a $2,000 scholarship for advanced training. Scholarship payments will be made to the flight school and is to be used within a 12 month period. Applicants for both scholarships must reside in the state of Texas, be a current member of the International 99s and belong to a 99s chapter. Applicants for the advanced scholarship must currently hold a Private Pilot License or higher. Awards may not be given annually. For more information contact Sue Jones: sueajones79@gmail.com or (931) 205-7339

Bay Cities Chapter 99s Scholarship

Each Spring the Bay Cities Chapter offers a $1,000 scholarship to a woman working toward her Private or Sport pilot certification. Ninety-Nines Membership is NOT a requirement but she must live within 99 nautical miles of KOAK (Oakland Airport). Applications are posted in January with submission deadlines in April. Visit the Bay Cities Chapter website at https://www.baycities99s.org/scholarship/

Pinky & Joe Brier Foundation Flight Scholarships                                           
Several awards, of up to $5,000 each, are given annually in honor of Women Air Force Service Pilot and noted aviatrix Evelyn Pinkert Brier. Scholarship requirements:   Women only, no age restriction. Accepted in a degree or flight school program leading to a career as a pro pilot. Minimum GPA: 3.25 if collegiate applicant. At the time of application submission, applicants must be one of the following:
Licensed private pilot or licensed private helicopter pilot. Applications are due in March 1st each year. (Site is currently under construction but should be up late summer 2017) For more info- http://www.thebrierfoundation.org/

CAE Women In Flight Airline Pilot Cadet Program Scholarship
Five candidates will each receive a fully paid scholarship to cover the entire cost of their cadet pilot training, including accommodation and travel, applicable to one of CAE’s participating airline-mentored cadet training programs. Upon successful completion of training, the selected candidates will either commence or have the opportunity to secure their first pilot job* and fly with one of the participating airlines.https://www.cae.com/civil-aviation/become-a-pilot/our-pilot-training-programmes/cae-women-in-flight-scholarship-program

Central Oregon Chapter 99s

$1000 to be awarded in two increments of $500 each. The second award will be pending a progress review. The award will also include a year's membership to The Central Oregon 99s chapter. Applicants must be a female pilot currently residing in Deschutes, Jefferson, or Crook County. If the applicant has not yet received her private pilot certificate, she must have completed her solo and written exam to be considered for this scholarship. If the applicant is already a licensed pilot, she must be working on an advanced or additional rating/license. Applications must be submitted or postmarked no later than April 25th. Application & more details- http://www.centraloregon99s.org/

Canada - Scholarships from chapters of The Ninety-Nines across Canada   http://canadian99s.com/scholarships-awards/

Chicago Area Chapter 99s Santori Memorial Scholarship
A $2,000 award to assist a 99 in the completion of an additional pilot certificate or rating.  Applicants must be a current pilot with the appropriate medical certificate and must be approaching the flight time requirement for the desired rating or certificate.

A $1,000 award to assist a Student Pilot 99 toward completion of an initial pilot certificate, in any aircraft.  Applicants must have soloed, and, if required for the pilot certificate sought, must have a current medical certificate and must have passed the written exam.  Must be a current member of The 99s residing in the North Central Section and a member in good standing.
DEADLINE: March 15 For info visit - http://chicagoarea99s.org/

Colorado Chapter 99s Student Pilot Scholarship
$1,000 award. Eligibility Requirements: a female residing in Colorado, currently hold a Student Pilot certificate, have already soloed, have logged at least 10 hours of flight time (dual and/or solo) and be taking flight instruction in Colorado. Due Oct 31st. Visit their site for more info http://www.colorado99s.org/scholarship.htm

Connecticut Chapter 99s Scholarship
$1,000 Scholarship to a female residing in the State of Connecticut (OR, if not a CT resident, sponsored by a CT 99 Chapter member), holding current medical certificate, and planning to make aviation a vocation, or an avocation that will contribute to The 99s' mission of encouraging women to enter the world of aviation. Basic Requirements: Application, Essay, Letters of Recommendations
Applications are due Dec 1st CONTACT: Nina Anderson at  SAFE@BCN.net with questions or request an application.

Eastern New England Chapter 99s Scholarship
$2,000 scholarship. Must be a 99s member for at least two years. For information visit- http://womenpilotsene.org/scholarships.html

Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter 99s scholarships
The Louise Sacchi and Connie Wolf Memorial Scholarship– $3,500
The Theresa Dellaquila Memorial Scholarship – $3,500
Amounts of awards may vary from year to year.  See the E.PA 99s website for more info -http://epa99s.org/scholarships/

Florida First Coast Chapter Checkride Scholarship

Florida First Coast 99s is offering a scholarship to cover your examiner fee for an FAA pilot practical test up to the amount of $500. If the practical test is being conducted at no charge by the DPE then the scholarship may be used to cover costs associated with the check ride.  Applicant must have the endorsement to take a practical test for a new pilot certificate or rating and applicant must live in the Southeast Section of The Ninety-Nines. Apps due on April 2nd. Info - https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarship-registry.htm

Florida Goldcoast Chapter 99s Fran Sargent Memorial Flight Scholarship
Two $3,000 awards to be used for a FAA certificate or rating, college program or an other worthwhile aviation endeavor. Open to any woman with at least a private pilot certificate who is a resident of Florida or currently enrolled in an aviation training program in Florida. Apps are due in October. More information - http://www.flgoldcoast99s.org

Florida Goldcoast Chapter 99s ADF Airways Boeing 737-800NG Jet Transition scholarship
Open to any female Florida resident with at least an instrument rating and 50 hours (VFR or IFR, actual and/or simulated, to include approaches and holding patterns) post Instrument rating check ride. They must also be currently enrolled in an aviation training program in Florida. Prior to application, they must have passed the Commercial Pilot FAA written exam The course lasts two weeks and the winner is responsible for all transportation to/from training, meals, and accommodations.  http://www.flgoldcoast99s.org/scholarships.html

Florida Spaceport Chapter 99s Walker-Blackwell Scholarship
$1,500 for flight training to a woman who has a PPL and is working on an advanced rating or certificate. To be eligible, you must be: at least 18 years old, live or be a permanent resident of FL, GA, NC, SC, AL, MS, LA or TN, have financial need and have a desire to make aviation your career. Due May 1st. http://spaceport99s.org/scholarships

Florida Goldcoast Fran Sargent Memorial Chapter 99s Scholarship
Two $3,000 scholarships open to any woman with at least a Private Pilot certificate who is a resident of Florida or currently enrolled in an aviation training program in Florida. Details - https://flgoldcoast99s.org/scholarships

Florida Suncoast Chapter 99s Scholarship
A $1,500 scholarship to be used for dual flight instruction.  It can be used for a BFR, IPC or toward a new rating or certificate. Applicant must be a member of any 99s Chapter in Florida, have attended at least 2 meetings in the past year and have a current medical certificate. Apps due March 15th. More info - https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarship-registry.htm

Fly Girl Scholarship
A $5,000 award open to a female, community-learners pursuing (or who intend to pursue) a pilot training course of study at Sporty’s Academy/Eastern Cincinnati Aviation at the Clermont County Airport are eligible. Applications are due April 15th. For more details an an application visit the website - https://sportysacademy.com/flygirl/

Fort Worth Chapter 99s Chapter Scholarship
Fort Worth Checkride Scholarship. Our scholarship is offered 3 to 4 times a year. It is a reimbursement of up to $250 for any checkride. Applicants must live in the Ft. Worth-Dallas Metro area. For an application - http://www.fortworth99s.org/

I Hart Flying Foundation
A $5,000 Flight Training Scholarship. Includes a Bose A20 Headset, Kings School PPL Online Course, a Jet Aviva Gift Bag, Aviation Life Clothing Gift Certificate, & Base Turn Clothing Gift Certificate.  Eligibility Requirements: Must be a U.S. citizen female between the ages of 18-26 seeking their Private Pilots License. Due in November. Details - https://www.ihartflying.org/

International Society of Women Airline Pilots, "ISA +21" Scholarships
The ISA Scholarship Program disburses cash awards towards pilot certificates and ratings, and type ratings to qualifying women. Applicants must possess FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate for Airplane, with an Instrument Rating, or non-US equivalent. Must have time in fixed wing aircraft to commensurate with the rating sought. For ATP applicants only, must have 1400TT and ATP written test complete.  Applications are due by December 10th and awards are presented in May at the annual ISA +21 convention.
Visit http://www.iswap.org for details and an application

International Council of Air Shows Jan Jones Memorial Scholarship
$2,000 award. Recipient must be a female holding a private pilot certificate, wishing to pursue aerobatic flight training. Applications due by July 1st. For more info visit - http://icasfoundation.org/scholarship-jones

Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship from the Ventura County Chapter 99s

A $3,000 scholarship and a King Schools Private Pilot Training Course. Open to young women between 16-20 years old. Apps due July 1st. More info - http://www.KJsoloScholarship.com

Keystone Chapter 99s (PA)
The Keystone 99s offers a scholarship to assist women pursuing their aviation goals, including attaining a private license or any additional rating. Any female who resides in eastern Pennsylvania, including the Leigh Valley north to the New York state border, is eligible. Get details at http://www.keystone99s.org/

Kitty Hawk (NC) Chapter 99s Marcia Keaton Scholarship
Kitty Hawk Chapter Scholarship. Each year, the Kitty Hawk 99s award a $2,000 scholarship and a year’s membership in The Ninety-Nines to assist a woman who is working to become a licensed pilot or is working on an advanced rating or certificate. This scholarship is open to all women pilots, including members of The 99s.  The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage women pilots, promote aviation within the surrounding community, and provide networking opportunities for women.  The scholarship is awarded annually in the spring. Once awarded, the funds are sent directly to the flight school, university, college or other institution chosen by the recipient.  Applicant must be a female and at least 18 years of age, North Carolina resident or student of a North Carolina school & pursuing an aviation goal that includes flight training. The applicant must possess a current FAA Medical Certificate appropriate for the license or rating sought and if the applicant is a student pilot, she must already have her solo endorsement. Deadline- April.  Get details here- http://www.kittyhawk99s.com/scholarship.html

Ladies Love Taildraggers Flight Scholarships

  • Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship $1,995 award value. Fly with stunt pilot Brian Lansburgh at Tailwheel Town
  • Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship - Up to $1,000 in Tailwheel training from a CFI of the winner’s choice
  • Stick & Rudder Master Class - $1,995 award value. Must have a Tailwheel Endorsement to apply for this scholarship.
  • STOL/Short Take Off & Landing Class - Up to $2,400 award. Must have a Tailwheel Endorsement to apply for this scholarship.
  • Tailwheel Endorsement & Unusual Attitude Training -Up to $1,500 Tailwheel Endorsement Training and Unusual Attitudes Training by Billy Werth of Billy Werth Airshows and Grayout Aerosports, LLC
  • Stinson Club Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship - Up to $1,000 from the International Stinson Club for tailwheel training from a CFI of the winner’s choice.

Visit the LLTD website for details and to apply for their awards at http://www.ladieslovetaildraggers.com

Latinas in Aviation $5,000 PILOTINA Scholarship
Applicants for the #PILOTINA Scholarship must be Latinas residing within the United States, ages 18-25. Applicants must be enrolled in university, pursing a STEM degree seeking to enter the aerospace industry, or be pursuing aviation. Person does not need to be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident to be considered eligible. Deadline: December 31st. http://www.latinasinaviation.com/pilotina-scholarship/

Marin Chapter 99s "Wing Up" Check Ride Scholarship
The purpose of this $500 scholarship is to provide funding for the initial (private) or next level (instrument, commercial, etc.) check ride to support the dreams of women embracing aviation either as a personal passion or as a career. Application criteria includes residency within 100 miles of Marin County Airport and the applicant must be eligible for the rating being applied for (ie: number of hours required) and have completed the written requirements for the rating. Due Dec 1st. Get details - http://marin99s.org/

Marie Grein Ninety-Nines Scholarship

Marie Grein has been a Ninety-Nine for over 20 years and says,  "Joining The 99s has enriched my life beyond measure." She wants to offer the same opportunity to another lady pilot and is offering a $1,000 scholarship for initial flight training towards a private certificate to a woman who is 30 years of age or older. Applicants must provide their passing private pilot written exam score. Apps due on April 2nd.

Details - https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarship-registry.htm

Mid-Columbia Chapter 99s
The Mid-Columbia 99s are offering a $500 scholarship to support women pilots residing in Eastern Washington (East of the Cascade Mountains) or in Northeastern Oregon in their training or recurrency.  Examples:  Biennial Flight Review, Instrument Proficiency Check rides, Written Exams for any rating with a Passing Grade, Examiner's Fee for a Practical Flight Test, etc. Requirements include an essay on applicant's need, goals, current qualifications, participation in 99s activities, etc. Applicant must be a current member of The Ninety-Nines, a Student Member, or a past Ninety-Nines member willing to reinstate her membership. Due on April 2nd.

More info at -  https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarship-registry.htm

Mommy Pilots Scholarship from the Southeast Section of the Ninety-Nines
An $800 award to encourage pilot moms who are 99s to continue or further her aviation goals and/or career. The scholarship is awarded to assist qualified applicants who would like to complete a private pilot certificate, seek additional ratings, certifications, endorsements, aerobatic training, upset and recovery training, participate in aviation safety courses or training or seek an advanced degree in an aviation or aerospace subject.  Applicants must be members of The 99s and an expectant mother or adoptive or birth mother of a child under the age of 18. Apps due April 2nd. More details -  https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarship-registry.htm

Monterey Bay Chapter 99s Scholarship
The Monterey Bay Chapter of the Ninety-Nines is offering a $2,000 award to be used by the recipient to obtain her private pilot license or to obtain an advanced rating to further her pursuit of a career in aviation. Must be a Santa Cruz or Monterey County resident. Application due Jan 31st. Details - http://www.montereybay99s.org/

Mount Shasta Chapter 99s Scholarship
A $1,500 scholarship to a female resident of Shasta, Trinity, Siskiyou, Modoc, Tehama, Glenn or Butte Counties. The scholarship can be used by the recipient to obtain the private pilot license, or toward an advanced rating to further her pursuit of an aviation career. Apps due Dec 31st. Additional info at http://www.mountshasta99s.org/scholarship

North Jersey Chapter 99s Riach Memorial Scholarship
The North Jersey Chapter of the Ninety-Nines awards the Dodie and David Riach Memorial Scholarship annually to as many as three pilots, or student pilots, who are pursuing flight training in New Jersey. The amount varies but can be up to $3,000. Apps due in October. https://www.nj99.org/

Oklahoma Chapter 99s/Okie Derby "Wings of the Future" Scholarship
$5,000 to an OK female, due in April. For more info and an application-

Orange County Chapter 99s Scholarship
The OC 99s are offering three scholarships to local women. The scholarships are to be used for an advanced rating or training to further their pursuit in aviation. There are two scholarships available for the amount of $3,000 to be applied towards pilot’s license or advanced ratings and one scholarship for the amount of $3,500 to be applied towards Airframe and Powerplant advancement. If there are no applicants for the $3,500 A&P advancement scholarship, it is up to the discretion of the committee to award it to flight training.  All applications must be signed and received by May 20th of current year. Details - http://oc99s.sws99s.org

Palomar Chapter 99s Scholarship (San Diego County)

Two $1,000 awards for flight training that are open to student pilots or certificated pilots who are at least 17 years old.
The student pilot scholarship deadline is November 30th and the advanced training scholarship deadline is March 31st. Details and applications - http://palomar99s.org

Paradise Coast Chapter 99s (Florida)
Paradise Coast Chapter 99s is offering a $1,000 scholarship for any phase of flight training (private pilot through ATP including instructor ratings) to a qualified applicant residing in the state of Florida. Requirements include (1)  evidence of passing the FAA  written exam, if a written test is required for the rating sought, an essay about why you feel you are uniquely qualified for the scholarship and provide proof of permanent FL residency such as a voters registration, lease agreement, utility bill or proof of purchase of FL home. Apps are due April 2nd. Details - https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarship-registry.htm

Phoenix Chapter 99s Scholarships

One $2000 scholarships to a student pilot pursuing her Private Pilot
One $2,000 scholarship to a certificated pilot pursuing an advanced certificate or rating.
Prerequisites: Must be at least 18 yrs old and live in Arizona. Applications are due November 1st.
Visit - http://phx99s.org/scholarships.htm

Reno High Sierra 99s Chapter Scholarships
$1,000 Recurrency Award
$2,000 Private Pilot Award
$3,000 Advanced Rating/Certificate
Limited to female student pilots and female pilots who reside within 70nm  of the Reno/Tahoe International Airport. Student pilots must have soloed by the application deadline.  Advanced pilots must have already completed at least 5 hours towards advanced rating/license. More info- http://www.renohighsierra99s.org/

Rio Colorado Chapter 99s Scholarships
The chapter gives awards of $1,000-$3,000 annually to female student pilots and those seeking advanced ratings or certificates. Applicant must be at least 18 and residing in La Paz or Mohave County. Applications are due November 15th. More info-  http://www.riocolorado99s.org/scholarship-requirements.html

Sacramento Valley Chapter 99s Shirley Lehr / Betty Alair Memorial Scholarships
$1,000 scholarships. The applicant must be a female who is actively pursuing flight training, has soloed and passed her FAA Written Examination and lives within 99 NM of Sacramento Executive Airport. The purpose of this scholarship is to help defray the cost of obtaining pilot ratings and certificates. The Scholarship Committee will consider financial need. Applications due in  April.  http://www.sacramento99s.org/

Sarasota Ladybugs Chapter 99s Florida Aviatrix Scholarship
The Sarasota Ladybugs is offering a $1,500 scholarship to a female student or certificated pilot who is a member of ANY 99s Chapter in the state of Florida. The scholarship may be used for any rating from private pilot and higher.  Applicants shall submit (1) brief essay describing accomplishments and involvement in aviation; goals and where they would like to be in 5 years; (2) copy of medical certificate (3) professional resume (4) 2 letters of recommendation (5) copy of the last 3 pages of the log book (6) copy of written test results if applicable for the rating sought. IF a written exam is required for the rating. The applicant MUST have successfully passed the exam at the time of submitting her application. Apps due April 2nd. Details  - https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarship-registry.htm

San Diego Chapter 99s Flight Scholarships                                                               
The San Diego chapter offers several awards annually to local aviatrixes or any member of the Ninety-Nines Southwest Section:

  • Nancy Stratford $2,00 local residents with at least a Private Pilot, due Mar 31st
  • Marian Delano Memorial $1500 for student or advanced, due May 31st
  • Dottie Sanders Memorial $1,000 for any SWS 99s or San Diego county female pilot, due June 30th
  • Darlene Kelly Memorial Advanced Rating/Certificate $2,000 for a SWS 99, due Aug 31st

Details -  http://www.SanDiego99s.org

San Luis Obispo Chapter 99s Scholarships
For San Luis Obispo County women interested in becoming pilots. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist with either obtaining the private pilot certificate, a rating or advanced certificate. Applications are due Feb 15th, June 15th & Oct 15th. Eligibility:
Applicant must be a woman at least 17 years of age
Applicant must reside in San Luis Obispo County
Applicant must have accumulated at least 10 hours toward a private pilot license
Applicant must have passed the written portion of the exam for the rating for which they are training
Applicant must hold a current medical certificate
Details - http://www.slo99s.org/

San Fernando Valley Chapter 99s
Three $3,000 scholarships to Southern California pilots interested in furthering aviation careers. Scholarship applicants must be residents of the greater Los Angeles area, at least 21 years old and U.S. citizens planning to continue their aviation-related education in academic or flight schools. Applications must be postmarked by April 23rd. Applications are available by sending a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope to: SFV 99s Career Scholarships, P.O. Box 8160, Van Nuys, CA 91409 or by applying via their website: www.sfv99s.org

Santa Rosa Chapter 99s  Scholarship
Each year the Santa Rosa chapter of the Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots awards a scholarship to a local woman pilot. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide funds to be used for a specific rating or certificate in flight training and/or continuing education to further the recipient’s pursuit of a career in aviation. Any woman pilot holding at least a current private license, a current medical, and a current flight review is eligible and the applicant must reside within 150 miles of Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa, CA.More info and and application - http://www.santarosa99s.org/scholarship/

Scioto Valley Chapter 99s Alice Jackson Flight Scholarship

The Alice Jackson $2,000 Scholarship is awarded to a woman seeking any pilot training, including balloon, initial flight training, or an advanced rating. This scholarship was established to honor the memory of chapter member Alice Jackson, Ohio’s first woman balloon pilot. Applicants must be a Central Ohio resident and have received at least ten (10) hours of instruction at the time of application.
Two $500 Check ride scholarships are also awarded annually to women seeking financial assistance for their flight test. For more info  http://sciotovalley99s.org/scholarships/

Seattle Chapter 99s

Annual scholarship to a student pilot with a minimum of 6 hours flight time logged, to be used toward completion of Private Pilot Certificate including flight and simulator training, ground school, and test fees. Applicant must 1) Be a female resident of Western Washington, 15 years of age or older 2) Be enrolled in a recognized ground school or be able to provide proof of participation in ground school instruction     3) Possess current medical and student pilot certificates  4) Provide anticipated written exam date 5) Be willing to work with a Ninety-Nine member mentor and attend at least six chapter meetings to report on your progress. Info - https://www.seattle99s.org/scholarships

Shelly Szepanski Memorial Flight Scholarship
The Shelly Szepanski Memorial Flight Training Scholarship, a fund of The Alaska Community Foundation, will provide an award of up to $5,000 to help qualified applicants earn their private or commercial/instrument ratings, including a float rating. Requirements include:

  • Female
  • Enrolled in a science-related degree program (preference for wildlife biology or natural resources).
  • Passed FAA written flight test and medical exam.
  • Pursuit of flying as a part of science-related career goals.
  • Preference will be given to students who are enrolled in the University of Alaska system and demonstrate financial need.

Details - https://alaskacf.org/blog/scholarships/shelly-szepanski-memorial-flight-scholarship-2/

South East Section 99s New Horizons Scholarship

A $2,500 award. The New Horizons Scholarship will memorialize our 99s sisters who have passed away to New Horizons, as well as challenge the scholarship recipients to reach new horizons as they accomplish their flight training. This New Horizons Scholarship is to assist a female 99 who lives in the SE Section (FL, AL, MS, eastern LA, NC, SC, TN, GA, & St Croix areas) in attaining any level of flight certification for private or beyond. Apps due in April 2nd. Details - https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarship-registry.htm

St. Louis Chapter 99s Del Scharr Scholarship

$1,000 scholarship open to a female enrolled in higher learning. Not geographically restricted in 2017. Due December 1st. For more info and applications contact - Libby Yunger at LibbyGirlPilot@gmail.com

Sugarloaf Chapter 99s "Fly It Frederick" Scholarship
The Sugarloaf Chapter 99s is offering up $3,000 in honor the "small but mighty" Sugarloaf 99's Chapter, who provides inspiration and support to the fellow aviatrix of our chapter and section to help them pursue their aviation related goals. Funds may be used for any phase of flight training (initial pilot through ATP including instrument, instructor or other ratings), academic work related to aviation, air racing, or charity flying to a qualified applicant who is a student or full member of the Mid-Atlantic Section of The Ninety-Nines, Inc. Due April 2nd. Additional requirements and details - https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarship-registry.htm

Tennessee Chapter 99s Student Pilot Scholarship
$1000 to be used to complete a private pilot certificate. Scholarship requirements and limitations:  Must have soloed, passed the FAA written exam, have a CFI recommendation, and be at least 21 years of age and be a Ninety-Nine. May not have received any previous scholarship offered by the 99s. Must commit to membership in the TN 99s for a period of two consecutive years after receiving the award. Apps due April 2nd. To apply - https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarship-registry.htm

Tennessee Chapter 99s Advanced Rating Scholarship
$1000 to be used to complete any advanced certificate or rating. Scholarship requirements and limitations:
Minimum private pilot certificate, passed any applicable FAA written exam, CFI recommendation, be at least 21 years of age, and may not have received any previous scholarship offered by the 99s. Must commit to membership in the TN 99s for a period of two consecutive years after receiving the award. Apps due in April 2nd. To apply - https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarship-registry.htm

Tucson Chapter 99s Flight Scholarships  
Awards of up to $2,000 each
Basic: This scholarship is to aid in funding training for an initial certificate, specifically either a Private Pilot Single Engine Land (SEL) class or Sport Airplane.
Advanced: This scholarship is to aid in funding training for an Instrument rating, a Multi-engine Land (MEL) rating, a Commercial certificate, or a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) certificate.
Applications are due May 1st. For more information visit- http://www.tucson99s.org/scholarships.html

Tweet Coleman Scholarship
Provides funds for women seeking to earn a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Pilot Certificate. Must be an undergraduate student or have a baccalaureate or associate degree, residing in Hawaii with financial need.

Visit - http://www.tweetcoleman.com/index.php/about-tweet/tweet-coleman-aviation-scholarship

Whirly-Girls Helicopter Scholarships
Must be a member of the organization to apply. Awards offered include:

  • $8,000 Whirly-Girls Memorial Flight Training Scholarship for upgrading or advancing a current helicopter rating
  • $8,000 Whirly-Girls Helicopter Add-on Flight Training Scholarship for a female pilot who does not currently have a helicopter rating
  • $6,500 Advanced Mountain Flight Training Scholarship
  • $3,000 Robinson Helicopter R22/R44 Safety Course Scholarship
  • $4,500 Robinson Helicopter R66 Safety Course Scholarship
  • $6,000 Erickson Vertical Reference/External Load Scholarship for a career-minded Whirly-Girl who needs a vertical reference/external load endorsement for a flight position
  • $10,000 FlightSafety International Bell 206 Scholarship
  • $14,000 Airbus Flight Training Scholarship AS350 Turbine Transition Course
  • $12,000 Night Flight Concepts Night Vision Goggles Initial Pilot Qualification Scholarship


Women In Aviation International Scholarships
Various scholarships for women in flight training, jet type ratings, helicopter training, aircraft maintenance, aviation management and aviation academics.WAI scholarships are offered not only for students, but for WAI members of all ages and pursuits, including mechanics, engineers, dispatchers, ag pilots, flight instructors, and a range of other diverse occupations. The scholarships vary from year to year and the deadline is November of the preceeding year.  Applicants must be a member of Women in Aviation International by November 1st, and may apply for no more than three scholarships. https://www.wai.org/education/scholarships

Women In Corporate Aviation Scholarships
Applicants must be a member of WCA to apply.

  • AirFlite Pilot Training Scholarship - Value: $3,000
  • CAE Citation 500 Series Aircraft Type Rating Scholarship - Value: $22,000
  • Clear Skies Club Course: Aircraft Acquisitions, Charlie Bravo Aviation -Value: $5,000
  • Executive Jet Management Training Scholarship -Value: $2,000
  • FlightSafety International Citation Ultra Type Rating Scholarship - Value: $22,100

See their website for all criteria and to apply - http://www.wca-intl.org/scholarships/

Women Soaring Pilots Association

$750 Sky Ghost Scholarship for glider pilots 25 or younger
$750 Brieglib Scholarship for the annual Women Soaring Seminar
$750 Maria Faber Scholarship for a glider pilot seeking advanced training or a certificated airplane pilot seeking a tow plane endorsement
$750 Competition Scholarship to a glider pilot who is accepted to fly in a specific glider competition
$1,500 Mid Kolstad Scholarship for a Private Glider License or add-on rating.
$1,500 Flying Montagues, Monique, or Soaring NV Scholarships
Apps are due May 15th. For details visit -  http://www.womensoaring.org/